DevOps and Cloud

We have extensive experience with cloud technologies and can always find the most suitable solution to provide our customers with products and services faster, at a better level of quality and optimal costs.


Cloud Competence Center

Our cloud technology experts work as a community within the Cloud Competence Center. We support each team member in their development and education and we emphasise the continuous improvement of the entire team. We are always looking for new ways, processes and tools to bring the most effective solutions to our customers.

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We are very good at identifying customer needs.

We have certified Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure experts at our disposal who can design the right infrastructure for your project, as well as help you with approaches of the type Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) and Configuration as a Code (CaC) and their rapid implementation.

Working with Terraform, CloudFormation or Ansible is part of our daily practice. The same goes for designing and implementing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Integration and Delivery (CID) solutions in GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, etc.

We are also dedicated to containerisation and the Kubernetes orchestration platform, both in the cloud and on-premises in your local data centre. We can build everything together using Bash, Python, and Groovy. Among other things, we will assist you with tools and utilities intended for work with API.

Use case

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the most well-known cloud service provider that has been on the market for more than 20 years. During this period, they have developed many services that are available not just for large and small businesses but also individuals at very affordable prices.

The vast array of services provided with different payment models can be overwhelming to the unacquainted. Let our experts advise you on which AWS services to choose and how to configure them correctly.

Migrating an application from your own data centre to an AWS environment with a focus on agility and high availability of the migrated application has the following added values:

higher application resilience against surge loads and downtime,

financial savings,

replicability of the solution thanks to the chosen IaC approach.

Use case


Our experts work daily to architect and implement solutions in Azure from Microsoft, one of the leading cloud service providers.

For our client, we are implementing modern DevSecOps practices into their existing Azure infrastructure. In particular, IaC, which in conjunction with CI and CID can deploy entire test environments very quickly and efficiently for the time period needed.

Added value:

The customer can create an entire environment in minutes and delete it after all testing activities are complete, and they only pay for what they actually use.


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Entrust yourself to our skilled IT hands

optimalizujeme vase naklady
We will optimise your costs
Reduce IT infrastructure costs with cloud solutions and only pay for what you actually use.
vdaka nam su data dostupnejsie
We make data more accessible
Cloud services are backed up repeatedly in data centres at dozens of locations around the world, so the data is always available.
na bezpecnost sa mozete spolahnut
Safety you can truly rely on
The cloud services infrastructure is designed and managed in accordance with best security practices and standards.
mnozsvo miesta k dispozicii
A lot of available space
Cloud services always give you the necessary computing power or storage you need for your data.
vyuzite vyhody automatizacie
Take advantage of automation
DevSecOps tools allow you to turn ideas into a finished product faster and more efficiently.
kvalita zarucena
Quality guaranteed
DevSecOps tools and methodology can repeatedly test and implement solutions even under development, making it easier to spot bugs a little earlier, which also makes them easier to fix.

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Gabriel Olekšák

DevOps and Cloud Lead